Differences Between New England And Southern Colonies

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Many Europeans, including French, Dutch, and British, came to the New World for their own reach such as a settlement. They had to adapt to new environments, learn about Native Americans, and develop new institutions. They also came to the New World for seeking riches, resources, and trading opportunities. And these purposes brought them to settle in new lands. During the 17th Century, there were three colonial regions that were New England, Middle Colonies, and Southern Colonies. These New England and Southern Colonies developed very distinct forms of governance, economy, and social structures. The New England consisted of the significant places such as New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. Its geography, especially…show more content…
They consisted of the significant places such as Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. Its geography, including ground and weather conditions, was suitable for cultivation and social settlement, “Favorable climate and soil for agriculture [and] wide rivers made cities unnecessary” (Gran, pg.20). Because of the wealthy and beneficial lands and colonists’ agricultural skills, the Southern Colonies’ incomes and revenues came from exporting their agricultural products. They began to cultivate and build West Indian tobacco farms, and then they tried to cultivate other crops, such as sugar, molasses, and rums, for transporting to Europe. “Dutch traders decided to transport sugar […] molasses, and rum to Europe and helped [other] planters improve methods of growing and processing sugar cane” (Gillon,…show more content…
The colonists developed the stable government structure about “local affairs and landowners, legislature, marriage arrangements, and council and assembly members” (Gillon, pg.52). Moreover, the population in this region increased rapidly because there were more immigrants, and those who were Catholic and Protestant. Even though the Southern Colonies seemed to be another successful region, colonists needed to depended mainly on African labors, who were brought into the regions and caused another religion—African American or Anglican. These Africans were hard workers, and they were limit their abilities and were defined as human properties. “Africans were described as slaves and their offspring were declared to be slaves too” (Gillon, pg. 58). And they became one of regular products for an international trade, which would lead to a future colonial problem. Therefore, the New England and the Southern Colonies were different from each other in the forms of governance, economy, and social structure because of their locations, religions, and leaders. However, they still had the same things that were adaption and nonexistence within the new
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