Differences Of Travel Motivation

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Tourists have different perceptions to consider in choosing destinations on traveling. Travel motivations may vary depending on the traveler’s purpose. It could be for leisure, business, sports, recreation, etc. People also from various cultures have different ways of making decisions depending on the events and circumstances, and it is important to consider tourist’s emotional experiences in order to decide on the places that he or she will discover (Garg, 2013). In order for the researchers to better understand tourist decision-making behavior, it is important to consider the different types of tourist motivations as mentioned by different theories. As upheld by Gray’s interpretation on travel motivation, an individual can attribute two vital and accurate purposes for pleasure travel which are Wanderlust and Sunlust. According to Gray, Wanderlust can be defined as a basic human want to leave things or places that are familiar and to have a first-hand experience on visiting different existing cultures and places, historical ruins and monuments, and to discover something which is exotic. Sunlust on the other hand is a special type of travel wherein the person may seek to discover different or better amenities elsewhere rather than what are available locally. Another theory on travel motivation is Crompton’s Push and Pull Concept wherein push factor is the person’s desire to travel and pull factor on the other hand explains the actual choice of destination. Wanting to

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