Disadvantages For Carrie Milk Company

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Executive Summary
In this business report, I am going to illustrate about the process of production in Carrie Milk as requested. I will describe about some benefits for using a process model at CMP. And how does a software tool support the business intelligence. I will also recommend two Web 2.0 tools that CMP can use it for collaborating in order to improve the process. Other than that, I will produce a swim lane diagram that shows the detail of how the milk been processed as products. Moreover, I will also calculate the net profits for year 2012 and 2013. The purpose of writing this report is to let manager to understand more about Carrie Milk Products Pty. Ltd (CMP) within a short time.

Business Process Model
A Business Process is a set of activities that accomplish a specific task, such as processing a customer’s order. (Baltzan, Lynch & Blakey 2013, p. 169)
Business Process Model is a set of technologies and standards for the design, execution, administration, and monitoring of business processes.

There are some benefits for using a process model. Firstly, it can improve process communication. To succeed in a business, members of a firm should have a distinct idea of the daily tasks. For example, who is the one to bring the products of CMP to major distributors and how the products brought to the market. A clear communication is important in operation. It can help members of CMP to understand their ideas clearly and quickly. This will improve business processes and
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