Disadvantages Of Plastic Bags

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Assalamualaikum and a very good morning I bid to my lecturer, Madam Rosyati, and my fellow classmates. My name is Aina Izzati Binti Mohd Khair, S37085 and I am from K1. Nowadays, the earth is facing global challenges such as climate change and pollution which occurs due to human activities and natural causes. As some of us know, plastic bag is one of the contributors for waste pollution. This is why I strongly believe that the usage of reusable bags should be enforced as the use of plastic bags will encourage the increase of the number solid waste produce. So, today I will be focusing on the advantage of reusable bags and the disadvantage of plastic bags. When I am finished, I will be happy to answer any question. First, I will start with one of the advantages of reusable bag which is environmental friendly. Reusable bags are made with strong and durable materials so that it does not get torn easily while plastic bag is made of petroleum oil and other chemical. The process of creating or decomposing plastic is dangerous for the…show more content…
Reusable bag are often designed for multiple uses such as for shopping, going to class or even for a walk. This is because reusable bag have cute and stylish design and is more fashionable than plastic bags. It is also larger and can hold more items than conventional plastic bags. Besides, using reusable bags also help either seller or customer to cut offs their spending. For instance, a campaign called the ‘No Plastic Bag’ has been launched in certain countries and Selangor is one of it. As Selangor chooses to join the campaign, Saturday is chosen at first but then later extend it to every day. A seller can save costs by reducing the amount of plastic bag bought while a customer can save cost by using a reusable bag as they need to pay 20 cents for each bag. So, reusable bag is user-friendly and it can help to save

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