Disadvantages Of Violent Video Games

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Playing outdoor games are not what teenagers are into today, they most likely yield to playing video games and teenagers are more engaging in violent video games such as Grand theft Auto. But, this tumultous game has certain effects on a child’s mind, it could alter a child’s behaviour negatively. A disadvantage of playing violent video games is that it decreases the self control of an individual, they become more aggresive, for example the player can do carnapping, have sexual intercourse with a prostitute then kill them afterwards. Instead of punishing the players they are rewarded. (Bushman, 2014) It is also said that teenagers that play GTA makes GTA a way of releasing their emotions specifically anger. A teenager tends to act recklessly or violently in a place just to release his anger because of GTA’s influence (McGraw, 2014) Additionally, there 's an increased frequency of violent responses from children who play these kinds of video games. Addiction to violent video games can lead to being too aggressive, some psychologists conducted an experiment about teenagers indulging themselves on violent video games Results showed that for teens who played the violent video games, those who scored higher in moral disengagement were especially likely to cheat, eat more chocolate, and act more aggressively. There were no such differences among those who played the nonviolent games(Bushman , 2014) GTA can also cause children to not control their anger on other people. Teens who
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