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After my grandpa, Don Fischer found his 20 year old brother dead with a broken neck, his life changed forever. Although my Grandpa had a tough childhood, he grew up to be a hard working, happily married man. Donald Fischer was born in a farm house 6 miles outside of Ottawa, on November 3, 1935. His parents were Emma and Louis Fischer. His siblings were Bob, Phyllis, and Paulene. He worked his first field when he was seven, he used only horse drawn implements. As well as milked their dairy cows. He lived on 5 different farms across Franklin County. He went to grade school in Princeton, before that he went to a one room school house in Princeton. He went to high school at Ottawa High School. He said “My first day of school all of …show more content…

They have been married for almost 54 years. After leaving the Army he drove a truck for Pepsi. He said “One morning when I was driving it was very foggy and I couldn’t see the train tracks, as a was driving on them a train hit me and smashed the passenger side of the truck. It was inches from smashing me, I still to this day believe that the reason I didn’t die that day was because I went back and gave your grandma a second kiss before I left to go do my route.” In 1966 he started working at Hercules Power Plant, where he made rocket motors for the Vietnam war until 1970. He then went and worked at Ottawa Power Plant as a power plant operator, he retired in 1999. He then came out of retirement in 2000 and worked as the bailiff for the city of Ottawa, then retired again at the end of 2000. Don’s first child, Emily, was born in 1963. Then his next, Dawn, who was born in 1966. Then the first boy, Dan, was born in 1967. Next John was born in 1968. Finally Ryan, my dad was born in 1973. He now has twelve grandchildren, two great grandchildren, and two more on the way.
In 83 years my grandpa has lived a hard working, rewarding life. Through determination he went from having to earn everything he got, to a wealthy, retired

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