Dress Code Violation In High Schools

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Students and staff of Scape Goat Hill High speak out about the ongoing dress code violation epidemic that has been plaguing the learning environment of the school.
According to on-site witnesses, the school’s hallways have become flooded by a constant flow of shamed students who have been evicted from their classrooms by staff members for violating the school’s strict dress code policy. The school’s records confirm that roughly 87% of the year’s convicted students were male.
The high school’s dress code explicitly forbids articles of clothing including, but not limited to, tank tops that expose the trapezius, deltoid or bicep muscles, tight-fitting athletic wear, and Chubbies, a brand of men’s shorts designed to hit the middle of the thigh. …show more content…

The Dri-Fit material tends to accentuate the shape of arm and core muscles, undoubtedly distracting the males’ peers. Many claim these shirts ‘wick away sweat during the warmer months,’ however the boys are clearly just finding excuses for their promiscuous attire.”
Scape Goat Hill High students seem to be concerned with not only the code itself, but its apparent sexist nature, and the missed class time faculty members seem to ignore for the sake of eliminating the distractions.
“Everyday, at least one of my male classmates is called out during a lesson to report to the principal’s office. It’s humiliating for that person, not to mention that he will most likely miss the majority of the class period,” junior Mark Even says.
“What the boys fail to understand is that their inappropriate dress completely distracts the female students from their lessons,” responds U.S. History teacher, Tripp Guilt. “It is unfair to expect the girls to be able to maximize their educational opportunities when the boys are continuously violating the dress code. It is only logical to place responsibility on the boys to prevent any reactions from their

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