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The present investigation on “Compositional & phytochemical analysis of dried fig” was carried out in Department of Food Technology, Guru Jambheshwar University of Science and Technology, Hisar. 3.1 Procurement of Raw Materials: The raw materials used in the present investigation were as follows
3.1.1 Procurement of dried figs: Fresh and fully matured dried figs (Ficus Carica), of good quality were obtained from the local market of Hisar.
3.1.2 Chemicals used in investigation All the chemicals used in the investigation were of Analytical grade from Qualigens (Mumbai), Spectrochem (Mumbai), E. Merck (Mumbai),
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In to a conical flask containing 50ml of 95% ethanol, 10g of the macerated sample was placed and maintained at a temperature of 70-80˚c in a water bath for 20 minutes with periodic shaking. The supernatant was decanted, allowed to cool. The ethanol concentration of the mixture was brought to 85% by adding 15ml of distilled water and it was further cooled in a container of ice water for about 5 minutes. The mixture was transferred into a separating funnel and 25ml of petroleum ether was added and the cooled ethanol was poured over it. The funnel was swirled gently to obtain a homogenous mixture and it was later allowed to stand until two separate layers were obtained. The bottom layer was run off into the beaker while the top layer was collected into a 250ml conical flask. The bottom was transferred into the funnel and re-extracted 10ml petroleum ether for 5-6 times until the extract becomes fairly yellow. The entire petroleum ether was collected into 250ml conical flask and transferred into separating funnel for re-extraction with 50ml of 80% ethanol. The final extract was measured and poured into sample bottles for further

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