How To Get A Driving License Essay

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In the past, people travel from place to place by walking, running or row a boat. After that transportation come in that make it easier to travel and send goods and that make better economic. Nowadays, many people can be able to have their own car because the price becomes cheaper so people can afford to have a car for each family. As everyone drives a car, they cannot maintain the safety so that they come up with laws that every driver has to obey, This is why people must have a driving license to drive a car in the public road. For the next 5 sections will explain the steps of how to apply for a driving license in Thailand which are reserve application, prepare documents, get training causes, testing and pay a fee. [1]

One of the processes should be done before for having a driving license is reserve a queue. This is because there are many people want to take this driving license furthermore there don’t have many places that open for testers. There are many ways to reserve for taking a test. First, visit the department of land transport to reserve for the driving license application. [2] In this way, people must go by taking a BTS Skytrain system to Mo Chit station and then walk for 700 meters to get to the
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If people are following these steps, they will be able to manage and arrange their time so that they will able to get more and more clearly what they should prepare for taking a test to get a driving license card. After they get driving license, they can drive their car legally because they know how to respond for themselves and other people on the road by obeying laws and there will be the one who use their car to drive the economy for the next Thailand

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