Driving Privileges And Performance In School Essay

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Driving Privileges and Performance in School
In many states, students are losing their driving privileges due to their performance in school. (Hook) Some state legislatures assume that without their license, high schoolers will be encouraged to focus more on their studies. The legislatures believe an adolescent’s ability to drive should be centered around their gpa and attendance in class. This specific tyranny must end. There are many reasons why this should not be the case, including jobs, the unavailability of educational resources, and other responsibilities a student will not be able to fulfill.
To begin, what is the student supposed to do if they have a job and no car? (Rhetorical Question) the student cannot always rely on a friend or parent to take them where they need to be. The parent and friend may have jobs of their own. Having a job
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Taking something away as important as a teenager’s driving privileges will not make that teenager become a better student. (Long Sentence) Taking away TV, or video games would be a better idea, as they are something that may distract a student from studying or doing their homework. A car, in most cases, is not usually a distraction for students. (Cumulative sentence)
Finally, one of the most important reasons that taking away a student's privilege to drive would be a bad idea is because they would have almost no way to get extra help. Many after school tutoring sessions or homework help session are located at local colleges or libraries on the complete other side of town, miles away. If a student needs to go to one of these sessions, and their parents are working, they will have no way to drive to get the help they need to pass the class. With that, taking away driving privileges is almost a redundant punishment, and would not be helping the school

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