E-Banking Security Case Study

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The Level of Awareness of the Selected CBEAM Students on the
Extent of E-Banking Security

Technology plays an important role in the society nowadays and is already used in the different aspects of business like banking. According to Acevedo (2015), businesses rely on the access to bank information to perform the accounting tasks for the monitoring of the status of a business. In addition, E-Banking offers easy access, secured transactions and 24-hour banking. Moreover, as said by Titrade, Ciolacu, and Pavel (2008), the evolution of E-Banking started through automatic teller machines (ATMs), electronic funds transfer, and online payment.
Based on the history presented by the article The History Of Internet Banking (2012), the innovations in online banking started in the early 1980’s and were giving easier job for the people who have access to it. There are many offers made by the banks and some of it was with the tools, information, and the access to financial accounts to help the financial goals of the customers. There are also types of security provided by the Internet Banking to the customers who have access to it. E-Banking security showed its importance, effects, benefits, and influence to the modernization of the world today.
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The consumers are the main the target of the banking industry. The consumers are becoming more involved in their financial decisions and it is an opportunity for the banking industry to promote the services and offers to them. In order to get the attention of the customers, they should be offered with the assurance of privacy and security. The people are increasingly having awareness of the acceptance of E-Banking in their financial

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