Education Is The Most Powerful Weapon In The World Essay

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Good morning everyone, I am glad to meet you all in this morning. Ladies and gentlemen, I believe that some of you may be confused about that whether the education is important in this world. It is because some of you don’t even know the world would change by education. However, if someone asked me, in my opinion, I will answer yes, I totally agree that the education is important in this world. As the proverb says, “Education is the most powerful weapon in the world”. We always emphasise that the education is important in our lives because it gives people the basic survival skills to explore this wonderful world. With education, people would be able to communicate, calculate, read and write. Moreover, many people also believe education is essential for nearly every type of job because we are always weighed in this competitive market which is based on our educational …show more content…

We can say that an educated person will not believe anything without a reason. It is because an educated person will gain knowledge through education. By having enough knowledge, we are able to think, analyse, determine and distinguish what is right and what is wrong. We are also able to make the right decisions in our lives and plan for our future. Besides, education will save us from being cheated by others. For example, an uneducated person is more easily deprived of their rights when compared with an educated person. It is because they are not well aware of their rights and freedoms. Furthermore, education can also help someone to replace an empty mind with an open one. By having enough knowledge, we can help others to improve their ability to think. For example, we can help someone to improve their thinking abilities through situations by teaching them a process. Hence, we can conclude that an educated person will be a mature person who is rational thinking and will have the right

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