Education System In Pakistan Essay

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Q: write a report on educational system of Pakistan, Highlight flaws and remedies for educational system of Pakistan.
“Education is a matter of life and death for our country” (Quaid e Azam)
Education plays a dynamic in the progress of a nation and leads towards the success. It is a systematic process to establish the pillars of society.
Pakistan had inherited and followed the education system of British with no significant changes were brought at that time. The educational system of Pakistan is still in its developing stage and has not given ‘due’ importance by the government and has suffered a lot from political instability. Each year during budget formulation education gets
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Pakistan is placed at 136th position for having only 49.9% educated population according to the human development report. It has only 57% literate males and 36% literate females.
Flaws in education system:
Here are listed some of the flaws of educational system of Pakistan
1. In both public and private sector the medium of education is different which create inequality and divide people into two segments. It is basic cause of rural illiteracy and school dropout.
2. There exist a regional disparity in schooling eg the schools in Balochistan are not as much groomed as in Punjab and same is case for FATA and FANA so the literacy is low i-e only 29%for males and 3% for females
3. Gender discrimination is one of the most big obstacle towards the spread of education. The prevailing ratio of boys and girls 10:4. This situation has affected quality of education.
4. Another biggest flaw is lack of technical education. It means less technical people low standard of education.
5. Poverty also plays its role and restrict parent to send their children to school due lack of free provision of

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