Verbal Communication: Effective Communication In The Workplace

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April 2015

Effective communication at work is essential to everyone in a company. This could make the task easier and finish their goals in the company. If there is an effective communication, it is easier among the employees and staff, among the bosses and other departments, to accomplish their task and be united if they have an effective communication. Communication makes the delegated tasks easier in accordance with the needed requirements of the bosses in a company. Employees would be more motivated with their job if they feel that each of the employees cooperates with each other. Working in this kind of environment is quite easier than working with an environment that lack communication. There are different functions of …show more content…

One of the types of social interaction used at work is the verbal communication. Verbal communication is essential at work because this could let the employees and staff to finished their task and achieve the goals of a company. Furthermore, when the verbal communication is absent, each of the employees would not know the delegated tasks for them and it is impossible for them to reach the productivity of the goods and services in a company. Also, verbal communication affects the whole process of work. Like for example, if there is no verbal communication, if there is a needed report to be submitted with a limited of time, the employee would not understand what he or she is needed to …show more content…

One of the examples for non-verbal communication is the use of gestures of a person. The use of gestures could make the job easily. Non-verbal communication helps a lot in perceiving the real or the truth of the message. Like for example is when the boss required his or her staff to submit their report early. One of the employees nod his or her head and the boss seen it. What the boss would interpret was he or she is not agreed with the command of his boss. As a result, they will have a battle together. Like in a speech for example, the eye of the listener is not on the person who is having his or her speech, then the tendency is, the speaker would lose focus with his or her speech. The relationships at work are also important to determine. Building a positive relationship is essential since your world in your job is your workplace among with your co-employees and bosses. In order to be successful in your career, you must know the essence of building a good relationship with your co-workmates. If you have a good relationship with them, you will be more motivated to finish your job and tasks. If you have a good relationship with your boss, it is not hard for you to do your job. Being in a team or in the department with your closed officemates, you will be able to learn more a lot from

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