Effective Teacher's Influence To Work With Children

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Read "Effective Teacher". Explain how what you learn from her influences your work with children.

Maintaining balance at work is the advised I take away from Ms. Preston. She describes an effective special educator as someone that is organized, assertive, companionate, and quick under pressure. I will keep in mind to enjoy my hobbies, and set time aside for my personal life. Working with exceptional children is a demanding career, to avoid becoming overwhelmed and exhausted I must remember to maintain a balance, and structure both at work and at home. I will stay serious about educating students and their needs, and yet not forgetting to have fun and smile.

Another great technique I learned from Ms. Preston is model-lead-test approach.

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Data shows that genetics are the reason for a least some family links with dyslexia. Also a possible chromosomal loci for genetic transmission of phonological deficits has been found to predispose children for a reading problem.

Biochemical Imbalance: It has been suggested that biochemical disturbance with in a child’s body causes learning disabilities. Little evidence supports the idea that food coloring, and artificial flavoring, or vitamins deficits cause learning disabilities. Professionals give little credit to biochemical imbalance as a significant cause of learning disabilities.

Environmental Factors: Evidence shows a correlation between environmental influences on children early growth and succeeding accomplishments in school. The evidence between effective instruction and learning disabilities is not clear, but yet there is supporting evidence that student’s quality of instruction can help them remediate learning problems.

What are identification and assessment procedures with learning

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