Effects Of Deforestation In Brazil

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Deforestation In Brazil

A family of endangered jaguars is struggling to stay alive in the Amazon. Deforestation has taken their home, food, and clean water. This is just one example of thousands of how deforestation is harming all sorts of life, including the animals. Animals die every day as a result of deforestation, and yet people are still cutting trees. Over the last fifty years, deforestation levels have massively increased. In 1980 rainforests covered about 14% of the world, and now they cover only a mere 6%. The rainforests in Brazil are equally decreasing. So considering the resurgence of deforestation practices in Brazil and the world, the United Nations should regulate deforestation to protect the world 's largest rainforest and the life that depends on it. The effects of climate change, biodiversity, and human life inside the rainforest are the most important reasons for regulation of deforestation.

Deforestation greatly affects climate change around the world in many ways. First, tropical forest trees have a lot of stored carbon; trees need carbon to grow. Trees take in carbon and let out oxygen. When they are cut down the carbon is released into the air as carbon dioxide (Ucsusa). So each time a tree is cut down, we are releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. From what we hypothesize, the more carbon dioxide released into the air, the greater the effect on the ozone and the more climate change may occur. Second, another surprising fact is that

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