Effects Of Junk Food Essay

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Effects of Fast Food Junk food can be your last food. Junk food is the worst foe of human health, and it begins when people start advertising about fast food, and how delicious it is. Likewise, when people start talking about fast food, and how it is better than food that prepared at home. Many people are addicted to fast food because it is more delicious, convenient, and faster. However, these days people think that junk food may not affect their lives and their health. Also, they do not think that fast food will kill them slowly. Eating it for 24 hours, and eating without moving can be dangerous for their health because fast food is high in sugar, and calories that lead to weight gain. Unless people realize its harmful effects, they will not stop eating fast food. Damaging health, wasting money, and causing food poisoning are three main detrimental consequences of eating junk food. One of the dangerous consequences of the large amount of consumption of junk food is that it can damage health. According to Paul Hawaken, when Kine ranchers clear rain forests to raise produced beef …show more content…

According to an American study in (1970) they spent $6 billion on unhealthy food. There are many people waste the money on fast food without controlling themselves. Its will effected on children and especially the teenagers. People spend money on fast food without thinking of spending it on something better like charity. Because people choose junk food restaurant to save time instead of cooking at home. According to an American study, they spend more than ($1,200) on junk food each year, research has shown. Some people did not look at what they spend their money on, they spend it all on unhealthy junk food. Also, they order a lot more than they need and it becomes extra for them, so they just waste money on food. From this it becomes quite evident that many people spend their money on food that can caused by loss of healthy

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