Effects Of Road Accident In Malaysia

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In 2016, Transport Minister Datuk Seri Liow Lai stated that the total of people died in road accident in Malaysia is higher compare the year before from 6,706 to 7,125. From this statistic, we can conclude that every year the accident in the road will increase for each year. First of all, what is the meaning of road accident? The road accident means when the automobile crash with the other automobile in the road. So, I want to ask you all, does anyone heard about the cases of accident that killed a technician last month in Penang? Of course you already know it right because this is the first cases of wrong way accident for this year that involves six vehicles in highway. This accident was classifying as not an ordinary accident by the Law Lecturer…show more content…
I believe that everyone know about the effect of alcohol and drug but some people that uses this things feel good and can make them release their tensions without worry about the effects. Actually the meaning of alcohol is the liquid that obtained from a fermented of sugar and it can make a person drunk such as wine and beer. Alcohol can absorbed in the blood and the effect can fell within 5 minutes to 90 minutes after drinking. Alcohol also can make people drunk and give bad effect to our mental health and because of that, many people cannot think well and will be give effect to their surroundings. Then the meaning of drug is medical or substance that give a bad effect especially on the physiological when it digest on the body. As we can see the effect of this two things also contribute in increasing accident for each year. Sometimes, when they take and use the alcohol and drug while driving, they will lose their control and focus in driving because this thing will dominate their mind and they cannot think…show more content…
We need to change our behaviour first, so that we can prevent the accident from happen. It is our responsibility to drive safely and think about other user. Sometimes we just think to hurry and speeding without knowing other people safety. So from now we need to give more attention on the safety of other people and love them as like we love our selves. Then, government also need to take their responsibility to give more attention to the road accident that involves many user and more sensitive to the complaints about the road condition because if government doesn’t play the role, to anyone that user need to refer? Is it the user need to repair by their self? Right? So the government please give more attention to the road accident so that the accident can be preventing from happen. Before I finish my speech I want to share the words from Thomas Perez “if you’re one car accident away from poverty, you’re on a high wire without a safety net and that’s a challenging proposition”. So that’s all from me and

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