Science And Technology In Schools Essay

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The Effects Technology and School has on Minors: Technology is an integral part of everyday And with a lot of young students having access with phones, they will most likely sneak their phones into class time to browse social media rather than learn a subject that they think is not worth their time. This could be because the school work, or something in school that is happening to the student, could force them to go on their phones to break away from the issue. And technology can cause people to get addicted and never get off the phone. But if schools integrated time for technology, maybe the issue could be solved. School can be stressful for many students with bullying or work. Bullying is a big problem in school, an example of the issue researcher named Craig took samples of 11, 13, and 15 year old school children from 40 different countries and found that the exposure of bullying varied across each country. (Kozasa, Sachiko 16) Being the victim of bullying is very scarring to a child and may cause many psychological disorders, including depression, but immediate effect of bullying will lead to stress. Schools in the twenty first century also can provide heaps of classwork or homework on a daily basis. Students are expected to enter the class with necessary 21st century skills including effective, quick thinking and mental thinking skills …show more content…

Vigorous changes continue to this day about the study of technology and the delivery of technology education (Lipton, Ethan B 29). A simple solution for this issue is for schools to integrate time for technology into the student’s everyday school life. This could be allowing phones during lunchtime or breaktime. Another way to fix the issue is to have clubs or have technological homework, schools may already do this but the idea could help students find a career from a club or

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