Enlistment During The American Revolution

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The American revolution was when the American colonies fought Great Britain for independence and freedom. During the revolution because of the lack of soldiers Leader George Washington needed as many men as possible. Sadly, most of the soldier 's enlistments are coming to an end and they will be sent home. One of the reasons why the soldiers should have gone for another enlistment is because help is on the way. When the soldiers were at fort Knox there was little or no resources and the shelters where horrid. What some of them did not know, the men were about to get help fairly quickly. This was proven in William henry Powell 's painting committee of congress at valley forge. The painting shows the congress going to valley forge and getting in a conversation with the soldiers who obviously needed more resources. Thankfully they ended up gaining the sources.…show more content…
Patriotism is devoted loyalty to one 's country, specifically in this case American. patriotism could have a strong
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