Environmental Pollution And The Environment

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The world is dying and humans are all in denial. Mother Earth has not been the same ever blossoming piece of art it used to be. Twenty years on from the Rio Earth Summit, the environment of the planet is getting worse, not better, according to a report from World Wildlife Fund (2012). The swelling population, losing forests and pollution is putting human life and the environment in a great danger. However, regarding these environmental issues there has been always controversies. Environmentalists claim that things are getting worse, and the skeptics deny and claim that things are not that much worse. Environmentalists demand that due to population and pollution the environment is losing its ecosystem balance and as a result human life is going to face tons of problems. Whereas the environmental skeptics claim that the opinions of environmentalists are exaggerated and also argued that the extent of environmental degradation is visibly less than some scientists claim it to be. The factual circumstances of environment are truly intimidating because of the population boom, deforestation, and pollution.
Population growth is one of the devastating issues that the human species can face no matter where it is occurring in the world. World population is growing, every other day, at a very high rate. From the present statistics of The World Counts (2016), the present world population is around seven billion. By 2025 and 2040 the figure will be eight billion and nine billion
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