Equilibrium Chloride Affect The Temperature Of Water

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The experiment that was done was to figure out “Does the amount of calcium chloride affect the temperature of water?” For the procedure, the experiment asked to record the initial temperature of 75 mL of water. The first trial said to add zero scoops of calcium chloride and stir for two minutes to record the temperature. Once the first temperature was recorded, it must be written from the difference between the initial temperature and the new temperature. Next, it asked to add one scoop of calcium chloride and stir for two minutes and record. Lastly, it told us to repeat the same steps until we had three calcium chloride scoops in the beaker and repeat for two more trials for accurate results. To sum up the experiment, it said to record the average change in temperatures to the class averages to graph a bar graph comparing both of the averages. That’s the procedure on how to conduct the experiment correctly. The averages that my group received for zero scoops were 0.5 degrees Celsius, one scoop was 6.5 degrees …show more content…

The error was how fast the person was spinning the water. It could have changed the temperature of the water easily, by how much calcium chloride was dissolved. Another error was how much calcium chloride was added, it told us to add one scoop, instead of a more accurate measurement, for example, one tablespoon. The scoop could have been not filled all the way, or filled too much. To improve this experiment, we could have had accurate measurements and spinning every 10 seconds. After finishing the experiment, I learned that calcium chloride is flaky and has a powder consistency and when it is in liquid form, it’s colorless. The only question I have is that what would happen if you put calcium chloride in very hot water. In the end, this experiment overall was very educational to learn how much the temperature rises just from calcium chloride and

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