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Wanting to witness marine life without the cost of an aquarium entrance fee? Craving fresh seafood at 2am? Not to

worry…the famous Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market, located in the Noryangjin-dong neighborhood of the Dongjak-

gu ward of Seoul, is open 24 hours and is absolutely free to explore. The fish market that never sleeps offers a unique

view of South Korea’s specialty marine specimens that await their culinary fates. Situated just a two minute walk away

from the Noryangjin station, the vibrant and colorful market was deemed one of the favorite free attractions for travelers to

visit. From shrimps of all sizes, mollusks of varying species, to crabs and lobsters of a spectrum of colors, octopus, and

even sea cucumber (this is just a few
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Going upstairs to get my crab and snails cooked! (Photo credit: Gaya Rachim)

The restaurants in the upstairs corridors of Noryangjin are specifically for preparing the products at the market. Most are

small spaces, set up in a traditional sit-on-floor/shoes-off style. The restaurants bustle with happy eaters, with the sounds

of shell-crunching and the smell of fresh-cooked sea food in the air. Often time, the restaurants will prepare your seafood

steamed, fried, sashimi’d, or in a soup—all based on your preference, with a side of Korean garnishes and a bowl of rice. I

can't really say that I enjoyed the sea snails as they turned out hard and rubbery, but the crab was a different story... the

simple steamed crab, sweet and succulent, practically melted in my mouth. I held a pair of scissors in one hand to cut the

shells open and broke off crab claws with the other as I practically inhaled the meat, using chop sticks to poke, pull, and

pick up my food. There really is no graceful way to eat crab, but eating your fresh purchase just might be the most

rewarding way to end a day exploring the seemingly never-ending seafood stalls at the Noryangjin Fisheries

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