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The purpose of this dissertation is to examine and explain the legal and ceremonial functions of the Canadian Governor General. As a matter of fact, since the creation of this title in 1867, the roles of the Governor General have evolved greatly over the years. Assigned the role by the Queen of England, this individual possesses many powers that contribute massively to the functioning of the country of Canada.

First of all, it is important to understand that one of the ceremonial roles of the Canadian Governor General is to read the throne speech at the outset of every parliament session. This speech is given to individuals seated at the Parliament such as the Senators and the members of the House of Commons. In fact, this lecture that is composed by ministers, includes statements on the condition of the nation and more precisely, explains the intentions and future plans of the government of Canada. Finally, either the Governor General or the Queen of England can read the
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Prerogative powers have their roots in common law and were first defined by Albert Venn Dicey, “as the residue of discretionary or arbitrary authority which at any given time is legally left in the hands of the Crown” (The Royal Prerogative and the Office of Lieutenant Governor, 2000). These powers were then transferred on a federal level to the Governor General with the Letters of Patent issued in 1947. In upholding these Prerogative powers, the governor general has the right to designate the Prime minister and his cabinet ministers and of ambassadors, sign settlements, declare war and the right to discontinue, assemble or dissipate parliament (The Royal Prerogative and the Office of Lieutenant Governor, 2000). To illustrate the use of these prerogatives or reserve powers, it is essential to evaluate Micheal Jean’s situation
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