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Time makes changes, everything would transform according to time, languages would not be the exception also. With the evolution of time, English has converted some of the natures to meet the generation, needs, daily usage and some more factors. In hence, English can be divided as “traditional grammar” and “contemporary grammar” nowadays. Evidently, there are some difference between traditional grammar and contemporary grammar, the primary one would be the syntax - word classes. According to the Oxford living dictionaries, “word classes” also known as parts of speech in traditional English, it is mainly used to show the role of words play in a sentence, in order to maintain the sentences with system and define a sentence whether grammatically correct or not. In other words, the biggest unit of grammar is sentence, the way to make a correct sentence is to form the words which have different natures with the set of structures, and it so called word classes. Both of traditional grammar and contemporary grammar have similar fabric literally, it contains eight main word classes during these two typologies and divided into two types: open…show more content…
Literally, the closed word classes in traditional grammar involved “pronoun”, “preposition”, “conjunction” and “article”, yet, the new classification would be “pronoun”, “preposition”, “conjunction” and “determiner” in the closed classes of contemporary one. In contrast, the adjective of contemporary grammar would not be as large as the traditional one, it only classifies as common adjective and proper adjective, during the contemporary typology, the “relative” words in limiting adjective would be classified as pronoun and the others members in limiting adjective such as “interrogative”, “quantitative”, “demonstrative” and “possessive” plus the articles would be types of determiner in closed word

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