Essay On Environmental Pollution In China

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China as a country with rapid economic growth, becoming one of the world’s attention on environmental problems. In fulfilling the needs of its people with large number and rapid growth of the industry sector, China provides substantial contribution towards environmental damage. Air pollution is a problem in China. China 's economic growth is pretty awesome, but not many people outside of China know the negative effects of economic growth. This matter emerged because of several reasons: One of them is air pollution. From about 20 cities in Asia having dirty air, around eleven cities in China namely Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Harbin, Jinan, Shanghai, Shenyang, Tianjin, Wuhan and Xi 'an. China 's economic growth is very
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China pollution that has passed through the area of jurisdiction Japan brought the threat to various things, especially to human security. In Japan, China 's environmental pollution is an important issue in the context of human security because it gives a significant threat to economic security, environmental security, food security and health security. Root causes of poor air quality in China due to heavy reliance on the needs of low-quality coal, and relatively high sulfur. Expert on regional development of China, Guan Lianji, said about the conditions in severe pollution caused by three main factors: First, heavy industry emissions; secondly, the use of coal as the primary fuel; and third, geographical and climatic conditions. Heavy industry emissions produced by industrial factories that paying less attention the surrounding environment issues. Industrial wastes such as mercury, benzene, etc. disposed to nature without being filtered first. China has polluted water. According to SEPA, China experienced water pollution case every two or three days. Factories dump liquid waste into rivers and lakes without being processed first. In 2006, there are 30 billion tons of wastewater discharged into the Yangtze river. This makes the Yangtze river severely polluted and unfit for

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