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DeekshithKumar Thadishetti Professor mankerian LS 690 July 31 2015 Climate change is one of the global issue that requires multiperspective approach. One of the key cause of climate change is air pollution. Air pollution occurs as a result of release of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. There are two key sources of air pollution that should be targeted if the air pollution is to be reduced. The first source is the industrial stationay sources, which include electric power facilities. The other source include automobile, buses, trucks and other vehicles. These two key sources account for the bulk of air pollution. If the climate change is to be addressed, then the first step is to ensure that these two sources are redesigned so that the …show more content…

It is through such technologies that the environmentalists can investigate climate theory and the causes of climate change. Ability to observe space is only possible if there are technogies that can enable human being to understand what is taking place in the space (Oppenheim 89). To date, scientists have been using the changes in environmental condition to predict about what could be taking place in space. For example, scientists argues that the greenhouse gases can destroy the ozone layer. Although this could be true, it is mainly based on assumptions and predictions. Because of this, it is hard to tell the extent to which the greenhouse gases destroy the ozone (Oppenheim 89). In addition, scientists have not had observations from space for a long enough period to see long-term trends in the climate. Scientists also lacks the techniques to detect the small changes involved in climate change. This lack of technologies and technique to predict or tell what is taking place in the space limits or hinder the climate change mitigation strategies (Oppenheim 89). Fortunately, satellite-born systems are now being developed to measure the radiation balance. There is also development of the scanning microwave radiometers that can keep accurate records of sea ice extent. Apart from detecting climate trend, the United States needs to know more about the interactions between the …show more content…

This is because the ability of the United States to have climate change data, information and models can greatly assist in coming up with mitigation measures. The most important communication tools are the geographical visualization technologies. Land managers, communities, industries, regional planners need to be informed about how situations are and how they can intervene to solve the problem (Jubb, Paul and Wenju 259). Geo-visualization technologies can enable outcomes of social, economic and environmental analysis to be brought together using visual media to convey meaning to land managers, communities, industries, regional planners and policy makers. Through geo visualization technology, users can collaboratively explore past, present and future climate change scenarios (Jubb, Paul and Wenju 260). There are many examples of geo visualization technologies that the United States can adopt. These include the digital globes such as Google Earth, 3D scene- and movie-rendering packages (Jubb, Paul and Wenju 260). These technologies can be applied to create a number of geo-visualization products to enable a better understanding of the complex array of scientific data and models being created to inform policy-makers and land managers on climate change. Through such communication technologies, the United States will be in a position of telling understanding land use data and land

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