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According to Arno Schmidt, “Cooking is a craft which can rise, on occasion, to an art.” Understanding the basic food preparation is essential to get a mean together, but because it is not an exact science, no matter how knowledgeable and careful the food preparer is results vary from meal to meal.
Schmidt also said that it is “no wonder that seemingly similar foods taste and act differently depending upon endless factors.” Which is referring to include the type of heat used, the cooking utensils, the amount of food prepared and the fact that a cup of, say, fresh leeks tastes. 100%

Food Preparation is the basic techniques that are learned and mastered most especially in cooking and baking. The essence of this study is to define the basic heating methods in cutlery techniques, food preparation, measuring, mixing techniques, proper use of seasonings and flavorings and guidelines of food preparation. 80%
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The liquid may be the food’s own juice, fat, soup stock and/or wine. Flavors blend and intensify as foods are slowly braised on top of the range or in an oven. In order to generate a browner color and better flavor, meat are frequently browned with a dry heat method such as sautéing before being braised. Frequently, meats are being braised and while vegetables are added during the final cooking to preserve some of their texture and flavor.
Boiling water must reach 21°F (100°C) at sea level, a temperature at which water bubbles rapidly. A common technique is to bring a liquid to a rolling boil, gradually add the food, distributing it evenly, and then bring the liquid back to a full boil before reducing the heat so that boiling becomes gentle. It is always recommended to reduce the heat setting once boil has been reached, because food will not cook any faster at a higher setting than at the one required to maintain a gentle boil.

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