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Handicraft education represents an investment in artistic resources that can provide the promotion of the handicraft and tourism organization. Thus, higher education represents an investment in human resources that can promote the higher education introduces a king of investment in human resources enhance the technical and managerial that it can the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed by organization (Lerner, 1999). Hence, community development of handicraft education has undeniable dependence on the level of education and
Qualitative and quantitative expansion of education system, especially higher education in art and crafts system. whatever the forms of higher education in public and private can be broader and deeper in the public and
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Therefore, the desire to survive in this competitive artistic environment in handicraft education, because they are turning to management and strategic planning for increased compatibility in faculty of art & crafts with today's changing environment and ability in handicraft education to meet customer…show more content…
The purpose of strategic planning in faculty of art and crafts is, as follows:
1. Accountable faculties.
2. Development goals of applied art.
3. Ensure the priorities of faculty of art and crafts.
4. Provide a framework for decision making.
5. Provide a basis for performance measurement.
6. Investment for the future of faculty of art and crafts.
Strategic planning in an organization or institution during this stage is:
1. Assessment of current environment.
2. Defining the mission.
3. The organization or institution to decide what the next few years are going to do it (the vision).
4. Cognitive abilities, weaknesses, opportunities, threats to the organization.
5. Planning to move from the current situation as well (Policastro,
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