Essay On Hunting And Poaching

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Hunting and Poaching
Report by Nicholas Hong Si Wei of class 2E6
Research mentors: Mrs Candy Tong, Ms Sarala, Mr Ang

Hunting and poaching is the act of killing, capturing of wild animals. However, hunting is legal in some parts of the world whereas poaching is done illegally unfortunately, because of excessive hunting and poaching, this has become a global problem whereby many animals and decreasing dramatically in population or even extinction. Some of the cases include Amur Leopard, Black Rhino, Sumatran Tiger, and Sumatran Elephant which are critically endangered. Some extreme cases where by a particular species of animal is completely extinct include Atlas bear, Japanese sea lion, Carolina parakeet and dusky seaside sparrow.
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Do you agree that hunting and poaching have negative effects such as drastic decrease in the population of a certain species? (E.g. Sharks, birds) Yes 27 93.1%
No 2 6.9%
With addition, majority of the people I have surveyed are aware that this is a global problem and this problem is not just affecting a small group of people, but is affecting everyone is the world.
Are you aware that this is a global problem? Yes 24 82.8%
No 5 17.2%
Do you know that this global problem is affecting everyone in the world including us and neighbouring countries? Yes 23 79.3%
No 6 20.7%

People hunt/poach to supply the increasing demand for people who uses items that are made from parts of the animals

From some of the surveys, here are some of the benefits that we will gain from our surveyers’ point of view:

“We can meat and materials from hunting and poaching. However, the loss is even more than the benefits.”
“Food :)”
“Nothing. It harms the environment and many other animals. ”
“NOTHNG except "nice" clothes and bags.”
“Money furniture
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