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The nature of the job in every organization consumes human being’s energy. Moreover, the technology development increased the stress in people life, and the situation has become harder. In meaning, job stress influence negatively on employee’s life inside the organization in several aspects. One of them is the psychology which plays a main role on employee’s performance. Furthermore, anxious mind cannot help to finish exercises perfectly. Also, sometimes, organizations fall to determine the threat points which are the reasons of effectiveness on their employees. They forgot to join psychological reasons in the addition. We will try to cover on some hypothetical factors which are related to the problem. Therefore,
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For some, stress is the negative outcome of bad feelings but for others it is the cause of bad feelings. Stress in workplace is a result of high demands and low skills and it has physiological and psychological effects on the employee and employer sometimes. It is the demand and pressure that leads to stress especially when facing danger to prosperity. Experts from the developed countries like European Union, Japan and America and even from the developing nations focused on job stress and its impact on health of employees (Kawakamii & Haratani, 1999).
We can divide job stressors into categories. Work conditions, individual characteristic, and organization environment. Work conditions like extreme load of work requirements and contradictory expectations. There are also the physical conditions i.e. noise, insufficient lighting, low or high temperature, less space and more employees, badly managed working environment and more.
Personal adaptation skills to stressful situations affect its results on the employee's work.
Deadline pressure, various job reorganization plans and oppressive ways of management are organizational stressors.
Various studies tried to explain job stressors in three ways. These ways are engineering approach, physiological approach and psychological approach. The psychological approach is the best since it approaches individual differences that affect the stress

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