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Nurses play a vital role in patient care, and working twelve-hour shifts can be exhausting and stressful. Stress and fatigue can have many effects on nurses’ health. It is important to understand how these factors affect nurses in order to find ways to correct it and minimize the harmful outcomes. This is significant to nursing because it is extremely prevalent and common in the nursing population to experience fatigue and stress from the job, especially as a new nurse. In studying these behaviors, the goal is to implement interventions that attempt to decrease the likelihood of stress and fatigue. In turn, there can be better outcomes in nurses’ health in the future, and the quality of patient care that is delivered. Fatigue is directly related to sleep …show more content…

Stress and fatigue are related to the type of work that nurses do, and it directly affects a their health. Occupational stress can have harmful effects on nurses’ health. Short-term stress can lead to disorders such as “chronic fatigue to depression” (Donovan et al., 2013, p. 969). Long-term stress can lead to psychological issues and increases the likelihood of engaging in unhealthy behaviors such as smoking, drinking, poor diet and little to no exercise. New nurses are especially susceptible to experiencing stress and fatigue as they get adjusted to the demands of the job.
Phenomena of Concern Understanding the lived experiences and the meaning of stress and fatigue in new nurses who work twelve-hour shifts.
Purpose of the Study The aim of this study is to understand the lived experience of new nurses who work twelve-hour shifts in regards to stress and fatigue, and how it affects their overall health and wellbeing.
Research Question What is the meaning of stress and fatigue to newly graduated nurses who work twelve-hour shifts, and how does it affect their overall health and

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