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Louis Zamperini Prisoner of War; Olympic Runner Prisoner of war, olympic runner, and war hero are three words that describe Louis Zamperini. Many people know that Louis Zamperini was an olympic runner and in the war, but he was so much more. As a well known Prisoner of War and Olympic Runner, Louis Zamperini showed Americans that no matter what gender, no matter what age, no matter how brave you are, they should fight for what is right. He left a lasting legacy as a person who had integrity at all costs. Louis Zamperini’s childhood was very difficult. While growing up, he was a problem child. Louis stole from the neighbors at night. Louis idolized his brother, Pete. On the outside Pete was a very good son and student. He got much better grades than Louis, helped out in the city, and helped his mom around the house. At night Pete snuck out and also stole just like Louis but, he …show more content…

Later after the olympics he got drafted into the army. He was on a search mission to find a missing plane when his plane crashed 3 men died instantly on impact. Zamperini and three other men survived the crash. They got onto rafts and sailed 1,000 miles away from the crash spot into Japanese waters where they got abducted by the Japanese. Mutsuhiro was the main leader of the POW camps. He took pride in beating Zamperini because he was famous. Mutsuhiro like to beat him with golf clubs, belts, and fists. These beatings lasted for two years, which was how long he was in captivity for. In some way he always got saved. When Zamperini was in the POW camp he was saved some of the time. Being an olympic runner for one year saved him from execution. He was still beaten regularly but he could have been killed. Due to him being an olympic athlete and famous, he was used as propaganda. He was recorded of telling his family he was alive but looked as if he was getting hurt(well he was). Zamperini had a very tough time throughout this time but he still fought through to get where he

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