Essay On Mexico City Pollution

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Pollution has been an ongoing problem on Earth for thousands of years. Many factors can be the cause of pollution and many of these factors could be addressed to be solved. Even though there have been many attempts to fix the problem of pollution, few have been successful. Pollution caused by urbanization and industrialization has a great effect in many cities around the world. One big problem because of pollution would be disease. In Ancient Athens, poor sanitation was the main cause of the result of disease. To add on, dirty streets and ineffective sewer systems increased the chance of diseases in Athens. According to the document, the Athenians were effortless in addressing the problem. The Ganges River is another place that is disease-ridded and has gotten many people sick because it the river is contaminated with industrial wastes. The government has set up the Ganga …show more content…

One problem is that water sources are being polluted. When drinking water is compromised, it causes major health concerns. An example would be the water borne diseases that spread through contaminated water. Cholera has caused many people to get sick in the past, and the disease has spread greatly. Humans are also struggling with large amounts of pollution in some cities which is affecting the environment on a large scale. “Global Insights: People and Cultures” informs that, “Mexico City’s ozone level climbed well over the ‘very dangerous’” zone. This means that pollution is having a negative effect on the ozone. With the vasive amounts of urbanization, people are producing more waste and garbage which is piling up in the streets of cities. In “Rubbish! The Archaeology of Garbage” Rathje and Murphy discuss that garbage intensity in Europe and the U.S are threatening the lives of many people. Urbanization and Industrialization are causing more and more problems as more and more people join the

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