Essay On Minority Delinquents

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Being born into a Hispanic family, I was constantly influenced by my parents, peers, and school officials to work harder than an average American kid because I was labeled as Mexican not American. My culture has strict, strong standards when it comes to having men lead the household, women bear and raise the children, and children follow the parents’ footsteps. However, I grew up contemplating to contradict my Hispanic heritage. It began with learning how to speak, write, and read English all on my own because my parents only knew Spanish. I knew my parents wanted a different future for my siblings and I, for they only made it to primary school before having to work and raise their first child. However, my family’s support deteriorated after my parents’ divorce. In addition, my oldest brother was deported to Mexico when he was 18, so my mother worked day and night to provide for all of us alone. My vigorous route to the American Dream seemed impossible to …show more content…

Shockingly, most minority delinquents have similar backgrounds as me, and I am determined to end the cycle of oppression that exists in our society. Just because Hispanics, or any other minority, comes from immigrant descendants, a low income family, or a single parent household does not mean they should feel as they do not deserve a better, brighter future. As I am achieving success in ways many Hispanics do not get to unfortunately, I came to realize that being Hispanic does not mean I am restricted to follow Hispanic norms. It means being able to be and do whatever I desire like any other American. I will show the world what a Hispanic is capable of despite the racism in America and the few opportunities given to my people, and I hope to lead other young Hispanics to believe in themselves along the

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