What Is Modern Architecture?

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Architecture has many styles that come about during different years, many which are defined by what movements or circumstances that came before them, arguably the most difficult one the notice would be modern architecture. Modern Architecture is a group of styles of architecture that came about after world war 2. The inventions of new technology and materials made it easier for architects to reject other notable styles such as Neoclassical and Beaux-Arts. Many Architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, and Le Corbusier, contributed many buildings towards this style through their use of colors, spatial organization, and material choices. Most buildings you see today one could argue that it is modern or was, given the time…show more content…
Most styles before modern architecture rejected the use of technology or only used it to a limited amount. Modern architecture was set out as architecture that was thriving of the success of new technology and ways of using materials more efficient. What makes certain buildings considered modern, is it the architect, is the choice of materials that reflects what the façade is telling about the building? Many architects deal with a lot of options when designing homes, whether they want it to fit into a certain style or if they want to explore other options, and let the public characterize their work as want the see fit. In the case of John Hejduk work, I think you could argue that he wants to explore what ever ideas he wants, but also has knowledge of how people should live in today’s world given the technologically advances or social conditions of life. By looking at Hejduk life and one of his works of architecture, the wall house, I will define what it means to be modern, based on hejduk ideas, and then explore what modern architecture means to…show more content…
Modern architecture challenges what kind of form a building takes, what type of materials are used, and how the building is spatial organized. Hejduk’s wall house takes all these ideas and expresses them in a deeply thought out and artistic way. He uses a sort of stacking way to spatially organize the private rooms from public and they are divided with a wall that splits the two parts in half. His choice of color in the house comes from his studies of cubist artwork. Hejduk thought of space as someone occupying that space with the shapes of his rooms and how they organized and kept separate from each other. Hejduk work balanced from what he theorized and what he built. The elements in the wall house are organized to be in composition with each other or to juxtapose one another. Hejduk’s other works like his poems and his artwork clearly shows up in many of his design and if you look at the wall house it is composed in such a way that it reads as artwork and poetry. The blend of colors and forms makes it stand out as a home that was well planned

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