Essay On Multiculturalism In India

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INTRODUCTION Law has become a significant institution for all society as it holds the society into one and reflects it as a whole showing its deep- rooted culture and tradition. The society has become the one where there are a number of people from different parts of the world coming together to complete one counting from the history itself. Before it was because of war, persecution, immigration etc. In today’s era of globalisation which propagates the system of free trade and commerce, the cultural obstacles has been reduced by the free flow of buying and the selling of the commodities and also the capital, influx of people at large which again leads to bringing of the values and an influx of the same. Different people have different habits, living style, like and dislike. Thus, the new society with different kinds of people from different part of the world leads to the change in functions of the state, bring about new challenges, changes in the laws of the society. A vast country with huge population of diverse culture, tradition, religion, colour, race like India might be a home of numerous problems with the concept of social welfare, democracy, equality and the national unity at large. India is said to be a country of vast cultural diversity having multiple culture, religion,…show more content…
The group which supports the concept of multiculturalism states that it is the most suitable system in the countries which have a vast cultural diversification as it allows people to express, live, experience and enjoy being themselves being who they are in the society. On the other hand, some thinks that it is better considering some of the social issues but some of the country may lost their own identity. Therefore, more specifically than the cause this paper attempt to discuss the effects of the multiculturalism in India and the United

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