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For many centuries, music was considered to be a universal language. A language that joined people from all over the world in a unique and lasting way. Man found entertainment while listening to music. Celebration of any kind cannot happen without music. Weather on birthdays, football games, in Churches, wedding or funeral music has always been present. . People found joy in playing, singing and listening to music. Since the first note that was played until today music has significantly evolved and man founds ways to adapts to its new melodies. As technology and business became two major factors in our lives, music industry has never been the same. Many new type of music are thus introduced to the industry. The introduction of new instruments followed up by electronics facilities, made music recording much easier than before. New advanced technologies, lead to the creation of new music genre and music leading to new taste in songs. The music industries has never stopped growing and becoming a business of its own. As these industries are growing and evolving, they lost the purpose…show more content…
Artist of these days lack one thing: talent. A real talent that is unique and not seen before. A natural talent that would make an artist rise for the quality of the song he is creating, rather than on the money. For many centuries and before music industries where created, many artists and bands whose names and songs still remain in our music library were considered as talented artist. Their music remains for its powerful lyrics and message. When old generations listen to Bob Dylan’s songs today, a flashback of several event that happened during the war occurs in their mind again. Musicians such as Bob Dylan, The Nirvanas, The Beattles and many more are still remembered today for their incredible, near-perfection performances. The ability to sing a song as it is live in front of an audiences is what most modern artist lack

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