Night Terror Essay

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Parasomnia is a genre of sleep disorder that entails peculiar behaviors, movements, emotions and dreams that eventuates while sleeping. It can occur in different stages of sleep such as, while falling asleep, between sleep or during the arousal from a sleep. One of these sleep orders is Night terror also named as sleep terror. Sleep terror is a kind of disorder in which a person temporary arouses from a sleep for a short period, during which he acts extremely terrified.

Night terror is estimated to be 1- 6% in children and less than1% adults are affected by this disorder. In adults, it can occur at the age of 20 to 30 years. Night terror is often associated to the nightmares. But what exactly it is? Why it happens? What are the symptoms? How …show more content…

In such case, it is recommended to rearrange the furniture of the bedroom so that during the episode he won’t get hurt. But if these episodes are frequent then this is an alarming situation. In such case it is recommended to go for an expert advice who will suggest Cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnosis, biofeedback or relaxation therapy that may help.

Besides, some home remedies can be used for the treatment of night terrors and some of them are described below.

Get Sufficient Sleep
Fatigue and deprived sleep contribute to the night terror. It is necessary that if you are affected by this disorder, re-schedule your sleeping time. Earlier bedtime and more sleeping are highly recommended. Try taking more short naps as possible during working schedule and avoid any noise that can interrupt your sleep. Sleep in a peaceful environment.

Establish A Relaxing Routine Before Bedtime
Maintain a regular relaxing routine by doing quite and calm activities such as reading books, soaking in a warm bath before going to bed. Make the bedroom noiseless and comfortable for sleeping. Meditation and relaxing exercise are also beneficial. There should be no use of gadgets such as laptops and mobile phones, one hour before

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