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Definition of Osteoporosis: Osteoporosis is a medical condition in which the bones become brittle and fragile from loss of tissue, usually as a result of hormonal changes, or deficiency of calcium or vitamin D. Osteoporosis is a cause of important morbidity and mortality in postmenopausal women as well as men. In both men and women, increasing age and low bone mineral density (BMD) are the 2 most important independent risk factors. Bone density is at its utmost in our early 20s. But as we age, we can lose bone mass from a variety of factors. Osteoporosis or its early warning sign, osteopenia. People with osteoporosis are at higher risk of breaking their bones when falling. Causes: Our bones are constantly repaired and reconstructed as well as new bones are being formed. It…show more content…
But once bones have been weakened by osteoporosis, you may have signs and symptoms that include: • Back pain, caused by a fractured or collapsed…show more content…
Exercise will benefit your bones no matter when you start, but you'll realize the most benefits if you maintain exercising regularly throughout your life. Combine strength training exercises with weight-bearing exercises. Strength training helps strengthen muscles and bones in your arms and upper spine, and weight-bearing exercises — such as walking, jogging, running, stair climbing, skipping rope, skiing and impact-producing sports — affect mainly the bones in your legs, hips and lower spine. Swimming, cycling and exercising on machines such as elliptical trainers can provide a good cardiovascular workout, but because such exercises are low impact, they're not as helpful for improving bone health as weight-bearing exercises are. There is evidence that competitive cyclists have reduced bone mineral density. They should combine strength training and weight-bearing exercises and consider a test for

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