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While exploring our current understandings of pedagogy, from the outset it is important not to confuse pedagogy with either curriculum or simply ‘teaching’; pedagogy informs both. In the context of early years of education in India, where learning through exploration, creativity and play is key construct of pedagogy. We need an understanding that fits with the new vision for Education, which sees children as central to everything that affects them as citizens and as people with rights and responsibilities.
School based teaching has generally been associated with the transmission of content, skills and knowledge for preparation for a world of work which unfortunately may no longer exist. Much of the research into pedagogy for using technology for learning advocates a move toward constructivist approaches.
The essential core of constructivism is that learners actively construct their own knowledge and meaning from their experiences. They put forward eight principles as providing the essence of constructivist pedagogy, emphasizing the student's role in knowledge acquisition through experience, puzzlement, reflection, and construction. Pedagogy “is
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This has required a rethink to identify the pedagogy that underpins the transformation. It is also valuable for teachers taking time out to reflect on ideas that will improve their own designs for virtual or e-learning.The aim is to think in new ways about designing activities for learning using digital technologies. It integrates reflections on practice, research and pedagogy (defined as the act of guiding people to learn).
It contributes to the current period of transition between a pre-digital age and digitally-aware context for learning. Innovative models of learning design with new perspectives on pedagogy and creative uses of digital technology rather than the incremental adapting of traditional
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