Poor Practice In Health And Social Care Essay

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Poor practice takes place when staff are failing to provide an adequate standard of care and support for a service user. It can happen within various health and social care settings such as schools, nurseries, hospitals and residential care homes. When there is a concern about poor practice then it needs to be reported, there are different ways such as reporting to a member of staff or the line manager, following policies and procedures. Setting one: Nursery The nursery worker does not follow the correct procedure of a letter when giving a 5-year-old child medication. However, she just gives the incorrect dose of medication. This then leads to the child falling ill and having to be admitted to hospital. The parents then had to be informed about their child that was in hospital. Additionally, the nursery worker was responsible for this incident, as she did not take the time to read the instructions before giving out medication. This poor practice has …show more content…

The nursery worker did not take the time to read the letter to check how much dosage of medication needs to be given to the child. In the future, before administering medication to the child the nursery worker will need to write the time, date and the dosage of medication from the letter. This will have to be signed by her each time the medication is given to the child. In addition, it is vital that she follows the health and safety act as it is a key aspect within the nursery which as to be adhered to. This is to ensure that not harm is caused to the child’s health. Additionally, the staff are able to make decisions more effectively as they are following policies and procedures as it shows they can understand their roles and responsibilities clearly. However, if there no policies and procedures in place within the nursery then there would be no guidance on to make any decisions. Setting two:

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