The Case Of President Hoover And The Bonus Army

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Have you ever been told that you are guilty when you’re not people say “people are innocent until proven guilty”. In this case about president hoover and the bonus army that statement is also valid as well “In order to end to this rioting and defiance of civil authority, I have asked the army to assist the district authorities to restore order “(president hoover). The bonus army got completely out of control. There was nothing that and is nothing that I can do to control them.”(W.W Waters’ comments right before the federal troops entered the city). Overall the army went against hoovers command and did what others said hoover told them to do. This all caused protest and riots and violence that the army was doing and a lot of laws were being …show more content…

But the general refused to listen and they marched right one into the camp which was not peaceful and was violating the right of the people in the camp they have the right to their own being and privacy.
Our second argument is on peaceful protest and not peaceful protest. The refusing to leave government property is violating the law, yes you may protest, but it has to be peaceful and non-threatening and no violence in the processes of a protest. There were two police in the process of a protest that were beaten to the ground. The men that were involved were completely out of control. They were refusing to leave government property and resisting removal which is an offence against the law.
The third argument that we have is the bonus army breaking the law as hoover was trying to up hold it there were about 1000 marchers armed with clubs that made an organization and were violent in beating people which made it difficult for the police department to maintain law and order except by the free use of fire arms present of the federal troops will result in fearless

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