Why Are Sand Cats Endangered

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There are many endangered and extinct animals and plants in the world. When plant or animals become extinct their eco-systems are affected. When looking at animals, animals can become extinct due to humans and/or science. I am going to look at the Sand cat. Sand cats are wild cats that live in desert. They are currently endangered, their status is Near Threatened. They are scientifically known as “Felis Margarita”. We humans play and played a role on the extinction of the sand cat in many ways. Those roles are and were: the Gulf War, hunting for fur, hunting as a sport, captivity and the pet trade. Science also helps to endanger the sand cats through their eco-systems because in the sand cat’s eco-system there are lions that are ready to pounce. If the sand cats become extinct then it will first affect the sand cat’s eco-system but it will also affect us, the humans. …show more content…

There were many bombs, guns and explosions throughout the war and a lot of sand cats were killed. The Gulf War is the reason why sand cats first became endangered. I think that it is really sad that wars not only hurt humans but they also hurt the environment. This means that we humans have a bigger role and impact on our surroundings than we thought we had.
Sand cats are hunted so that their fur can be sold. Sand cats have very thick fur so as not to leave marks and prints when they come and go due to the fact that they are lone cats and so that they do not get eaten. Because sand cats have got very soft, thick fur their fur is at a very high demand. Sand cats are bred to have their fur cut off and sold on the black market for a tonne of money. This should be illegal but in most countries it is not. This should be illegal because the sand cat is already endangered so by skinning it and taking its fur you’re helping to rid the last sand cats off this

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