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A sense of belonging is a factor that contributes to academic achievement in secondary school students. This section of the essay will attempt to, through research, attempt to find out to what extent a sense of belonging contributes to academic achievement.
As stated in the introduction, a sense of belonging can be defined as feeling to be a part of something, for example a group or a school environment. In an educational environment, this means the school, including the classrooms and social circles.

Multiple factors can have an effect on the sense of belonging in an educational school environment, such as teacher-student relationships, relationships between classmates, staff support and caring, engagement in academic work, availability and participation in extracurricular activities and just and constructive discipline. Sense of belonging at school can be called ‘school connectedness’, as it refers to the feeling of feeling close to the people at school and feeling like a part of the school community. This includes feeling that peers and teachers treat them fairly, as well as a sense of security, safety and comfort.

School is an extremely important and central part of life to young people. School is crucial to …show more content…

27 articles of the 2,148 total met the needed criteria, and were analyzed. She found that good, encouraging relationships with peers were likely to have a positive impact on educational and personal development. If interpersonal relationships such as student-teacher and peer relationships aren’t substantial, it can have a negative impact on the student’s well being, and even have an impact on psychological stress and mental illness. Peer acceptance was a vital factor, and contributed significantly to a sense of belonging in secondary school

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