Essay On Student Teacher Relationship

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Student Teacher Relationship
One important thing in teaching learning process is interpersonal communicative relationships between teachers and students. (Andersen, 1978, 1979; Richmond, Gorham & McCroskey, 1987).
Victoria (1970, p. 3) has noted that "nonverbal phenomena become qualitatively predominant aspects of interpersonal relationships. These interpersonal relationships are critical aspects of all learning situations."
Mehrabian (1981) has notes that “a considerable accumulation of evidence from various fields of psychology points to a very elegant conceptualization of human emotions, attitudes, likes-dislikes, and preferences [which are the referents of implicit communication]. Very simply, all emotional states can be described adequately
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And verbal immediacy behavior like calling student’s names, using humor and calm conversation encourage students to interact and make discussion with their teachers that promote learning.
When students attend “Acadamic Tutoring service”, they learn better and considered themselves as a part of community (Bozkaya & Aydin 2007).
Behaviors such like communicating with students before and after class, encouraging learners to participate and ask questions, using humor in class, calling students by their name and provide feedback on students’ work, are included in studies on teacher immediacy. Results of these studies suggest that these type of behaviors promote students’ affective learning. (Bozlaya & Aydin 2008, pg.66).
Verbal immediacy helps to enhance psychological closeness among individuals. Gorham (1988) is of the opinion that using the word “us” at place of “you” and “me” can enhance the feelings of association.
To make students learning effective, learning environment should be assure student’s safety and threaten. A teacher can create such environment through his positive attitude toward students. In such environment students will felt comfort and learn

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