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Have you ever thought about a problem that you think you should do something about and taken action? Well that is exactly what teen activists do. Teen activism is sacrificing many things you need to help your problem that you want to solve, taking leadership, and working hard. To be a teen activist you have to be brave, think on your feet, be intelligent, and be prepared. Teen activists make a lot of sacrifices for their cause. They have to sacrifice their time, money, and other priorities like fun and childhood.

Teen activists sacrifice lots of things like their time. One example of a teen activist sacrificing time is Alex Lin, He has to balance school work, sports, and he has to make time for recycling e-waste. The author, PRI’s Environmental News Magazine says, on a daily basis Alex Lin has to balance homework, sports, and recycling e-waste. While most boys spend their time hanging out with friends and, practicing sports, Alex Lin decides to use most of his time recycling electronics, and refurbishing it. …show more content…

Firstly Malala is targeted by the Taliban and she won the Nobel peace prize. According to the author, kristin Lewis, Malala has to be sophisticated when she is saying her speech she is a 15 year old girl and doesn’t paint her nails or go shopping like most girls her age do. Instead she writes speeches and takes interviews at age 15. Secondly Alex Libby is bullied. He had to give up growing up as a normal kid. According to the author, Craig Phillips, he got bullied and when he started trying to stop bullying he became famous and couldn 't grow up like a normal kid. And the last example is Iqbal Mashup he was a slave and got killed. The author Karen Fanning says While most kids learn to walk, talk, play, be polite, etc. Iqbal had to be sold from his parents to be a slave and then got killed. Try to tell me that 's normal. These all prove that teen activists have to sacrifice their

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