Essay On The Baroque Era

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During the baroque era there were a couple of prominent composers three of them would be Arcangelo Corelli, George Philipp Telemann, and Giovanni Battista Sammartini. Arcangelo who was born in 1653 and died in 1713 was an italian teacher, composer, and violinist. His mastery of tone on the new violin made him the talk of Europe. He is often credited with creating the first basic violin technique. A couple of his famous works would be Concerto Grossi, Christmas Concerto, and Sonata de camera in D minor.

George Philipp Telemann who was born in 1681 and died in 1767 was a distinguished musician and composer who appeared later in the baroque period. One thing that made him unique would be his incorporation of unusual instrumentation in his concertos. He was also known for gathering students and putting on concerts for the public. His church music was also well known with his most popular works being Viola Concerto in G, Trio Sonata in C Minor, and The Paris Quartets.

Giovanni Battista Sammartini was born in 1700 and lived until 1775 while living he specialized in oboe and organ and worked as a composer, teacher, and choirmaster. He was famous throughout the …show more content…

These two main groups had different ways of being sung or played. Vocal music had the forms or opera which had the three different styles of seria, comique, and ballet. The other forms of vocal music were masque, oratorio, passion, cantata, mass, anthem, monody, chorale, and zarzuela. The different forms of instrumental music would be Chorale composition, Concerto grosso, Fugue, Suite with the different styles of Allemande, Courante, Sarabande, Gigue, Gavotte, and Minuet. The next form would be Sonata with three different styles Sonata da camera, Sonata da chiesa, and Trio Sonata. The last few forms would be Partita, Canzona, Sinfonia, Fantasia, Ricercar, Toccata , Prelude, Chaconne, Passacaglia, Chorale prelude, and Stylus

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