Essay On The Future Of America

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America, the land of the free, does this reign true after the years of war and amendments to the Constitution that have been implemented? Our nation has gone through so many changes. Is there even a resemblance to the original system the framers of the Constitution envisioned? The majority of the Constitution has remained constant over the years, and those changes that have been made were for the amelioration of the country. Envisioning the future of America, a land appears, one that is free from the problems that have plagued it, while staying true to the original intentions of the people who created our government. To be able to rid the nation’s people from threats of war, terrorism, and even the fear of excessive tyranny by our government, this is the dream of a perfect future. At what cost would this come should we sacrifice the sanctity of our government to achieve it? The U.S. Constitution, the backbone of our government, with a the exception of a few changes, it has lasted more than 200 years, longer than that of any other Constitution. With this document behind our government, there should be no fear of the future, no fear of the destruction of our nation, but of course, there is fear, and in large quantities. Deep down, …show more content…

A glorious nation within which exists harmony of the people, the perfect union described by the preamble of the Constitution, carrying out all of its rules and laws. A government that would make the nation’s founders proud. More than what could be said by our current form of government. Government should also move towards better connections with foreign powers. While the government may communicate on a global level, the information is so diluted by the time it reaches the people that it is next to useless. The mysterious future should address this fundamental issue, of course, the method of doing so is not clear as of

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