Why Are Cell Phones Dangerous

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Are cellphones dangerous? In 1971 Henry Sampson co invented the Gamma electric cell. Then in 1983 inventing portable telephones since then cellphones has been a big sale, conversation, and show. Cellphones are not dangerous they are helpful they make information easier to access. Over the years there has been statements blaming cellphones as a dangerous device that it causes cancer, people texting and driving people walking around on their phones and not checking their surroundings. Almost everyone has a cellphone for different reasons, but people also have reasons as of why they don’t like cellphones. Personally I love cellphones it’s a great device to have. They have a variety of cellphones to choose from and they have different styles to keep up with the latest fashions. Cellphones are good for keeping pictures of memories, music, and staying in contact with family and friends despite long distance. When people want to remember an event they attend they tend to want to take pictures and all they have to do is pull out their phones if people didn’t have phones people wouldn’t have portable memories that they can talk about and show. Now you can listen to the radio on your…show more content…
People also say children and teens are spending too much of their time searching the internet, playing games, and chatting Instead of studying. Also individuals think that teens use cellphones to their advantage to cheat on test and quizzes. They also say that since cellphones has access to the internet young teens can explore different things and hurt their minds such as pornography and sex. Lack of face to face communication is a result of cellphones instead of dating many people use their phones to find
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